The Unblock Ticket Request System is the step in the English Wikipedia unblock process immediately following on-wiki user talk page appeals. Administrators on the English Wikipedia may request an account to review appeals sent to UTRS, which allows reviewers to remain in touch with blocked users via email.

Issues: Unresolved

  • New Feature UTRS-66 Have UTRSBot report changes to the beta site
  • Improvement UTRS-68 Customizable Home Page
  • New Feature UTRS-76 Can we have block reason populated into the UTRS interface for each appeal?

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  • Bug UTRS-105 06 Jun 2013 No way of showing multiple appeals from an account
  • Bug UTRS-108 06 Jun 2013 Logs don't load - blank box
  • Bug UTRS-111 18 Jan 2013 Generated HTML email messages should have a plain text part

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